Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights

The online and hybrid certificate course in Artifical Intelligence and Human Rights is provided by the National Law School of India University with support from the German Consulate, Bangalore. Through a combination of online and in-person teaching sessions, specially curated reading materials, and video recordings of practitioners in the relevant fields, the course shall provide participants a broad understanding of the areas of AI and Human Rights, the interactions and conflicts between them in India, as well as tools and methods of thinking about and resolving tensions between the two. The course will be conducted over December 2022 and January 2023. Classes will be conducted online in the first two weeks of December 2022, commencing December 3. To the extent possible, online classes shall be scheduled on weekends and in the evenings so that working professionals may conveniently attend. Participants will be required to attend a two-day, in-person workshop on January 7-8, 2023.


Module 1: An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights

Module 2: AI and Human Rights: Conflicts

This module provides a basic understanding of the areas of AI and Human Rights and equips participants who may not have a deep understanding of either one or both central areas of the course with an introductory framework to these areas. Participants will be guided through a basic explanation of how AI works, and the global and domestic legal frameworks governing the field of Human Rights. This module shall be conducted through online classes, supplemented by reading and video materials.

In this module, participants will study how Artificial Intelligence technology has been in conflict with Human Rights across the world, and more particularly, in India. Participants will learn how such conflicts emerged, and what attempts were made to resolve them. The module will also provide suggestions on approaches that can be used to pre-empt and to resolve such tensions. This module shall be conducted through online classes, supplemented by reading and video materials.

Module 3: Workshop: Solution Crafting

For this module, participants will spend two days at the NLSIU campus in Bengaluru for an in-person workshop in which they will attempt to find solutions to existing or hypothetical problems caused by frictions between AI and Human Rights. Participants would work in teams, and with the guidance of course faculty, develop proposed solutions that they would present before their cohort for discussion and debate.


Participants shall not be charged a fee for this course. Please note however that this course

shall only be made available to candidates who have submitted an application for the course

and are shortlisted for participation by the University. Kindly note that a limited number of participants 

shall be invited to be a part of the course. Selections shall be at the sole discretion of the University.



1. Will I have to be physically present in Bangalore to participate in this course?

 You will have to be present in Bangalore for the two-day in-person workshop that

 will be conducted over January 7-8 2023 at the NLS campus. Classes in December

 2022 will be conducted online and may be attended remotely.

2. Will I gain a certification if I complete course criteria?         

Participants who successfully fulfil all course criteria shall receive a certificate of

participation upon the conclusion of the course.

3. Are there any qualifications that I must have to be eligible for inclusion in the course?

No specific qualification are prescribed for eligibility to be included in the course;

however, the aim of the course is to enhance the knowledge and understanding of 

professionals, activists, regulators, and others who are exposed to potential and

existing conflicts between AI and HR in the course of their work, and such candidates

would be preferred for inclusion in the course.

4. Who can I write to for more details about the course?

Please write to:

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